By - Schuette Mfg.

Knowles Super Tandem 6-Wheel Wagon Model TB450-1

This model is designed for large farming operations and construction use.  A flexible rear axle assembly equally divides the load on all tires.  This feature gives improved flotation with maximum load.  The TB450-1 is made of heavy structural steel rigidly reinforced at all stress points.   The front axle is equipped with a heavy-duty rocking bolster.  The truck-type steering mechanism has heavy steel trunnions, cold finished king pins, and thrust bearings.  All points of wear have renewable bushings, and the hubs rotate on oversized tapered bearings.


**Capacity: 45,000 lbs.King Pins: 1-3/4″ Diameter
Tread-width: 87″Bushings: At All Wear Points
Spindles: 3″ DiameterTie Rods: 1-1/4″ Solid Steel
Hubs: Heavy Duty 8-BoltStakes: Adjustable 42″ to 44″
Wheel Bearings: Tapered Roller 2.250″ and 1.625″ I.D.Wheelbase: Adjustable 10′ to 15′
Wheels: 16.1 x 16 DC 8-BoltPivot Shaft: 2-3/4″ CR Round Steel
Reach: 4″ DiameterTandem Axles: Walking Beam Type
Bolster: Flexible FrontFrame: 8″ Boxed Channel
Bolster Pins: 1-5/8″ Diameter Heat TreatedRear Tow Hitch: Standard Equipment
Tongue: 82″ Tubular Steel Fixed Length or Rectangular Extendible with EASY LIFTWeight (Less Tires): 3,012 lbs.

**When Equipped with Properly Rated Tires


4-Wheel Inertia-Hydraulic BrakesPintle Eye Hitch
Tires 19L x 16.1 or 21.5 x 16.1Bolster Blocks
16.1 x 18 DC or 22.5 x 13 Truck WheelsExtra Long Reach
Safety ChainsLights