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Knowles K 606 Farm Wagons

Axle assemblies are of formed and welded construction using the most improved welding methods.  The reach is made of heavy wall tubing and is adjustable in length.   Straight line pull through the reach is an exclusive feature of this model.   Tie rods are located to the rear of the front axle.  All moving parts are equipped with renewable bushings.  Tapered high speed bearings are used in the wheel hubs.


Capacity: 12,000 lbs.Weight (With Tires): 654 lbs.
Axle Assemblies: Formed High-Tensile SteelShort Turning Radius
Bolster Length Adjustable from 7′ to 12′Tongue: Formed Rectangular Steel
Tread-width: 72″Color: Red Synthetic Enamel
Automotive Type SteeringTapered High Speed Wheel Bearings
1-3/4″ Steel SpindlesFormed Steel Stakes: Adjustable from 38″ – 42″
All points of wear equipped with bushings and Zerk fittings6-Bolt Demountable Wheels-15 x 6.00 or 15 x 8.00 DC
Reach: Tubular, Adjustable


TiresSafety Chains
EASY HITCH TongueLights
Extra Long Reach
By - Schuette Mfg.

Knowles Big Boy Farm Wagons Models W3000 & W3000X

Axle assemblies are of formed and welded construction using the most advanced welding methods.  The reach is made of heavy wall tubing and is adjustable in length.   Tie rods are located to the rear of the front axle.  All moving parts are equipped with renewable bushings.  Tapered high speed bearings are used in the wheel hubs.  The overall unit embodies first quality material and workmanship, and is priced most competitively.




Capacity: 10,000 lbs.Tongue Formed Rectangular Steel
Axle Assemblies of Formed High-Tensile SteelShort Turning Radius
Reach-TubularWeight (With Tires): 523 lbs.
Tread Width 70″ or 62″Formed Steel Stakes:
Automotive Type SteeringW3000: 38″ spacing
1-5/8″ Steel SpindlesW3000X: 38″- 42″ spacing
Tapered High Speed Wheel BearingsAll Points of Wear Equipped With Bushings and Zerk Fittings
5-Bolt 14 x 5.00 or 15 x 5.00 DC WheelsBolster Length Adjustable from 7′ to 12′


TiresExtra Long Reach
Telescoping TongueSafety Chains
By - Schuette Mfg.

Knowles Econo Wagon Model W200

Axle assemblies are of formed and welded steel rigidly reinforced and gusseted. Heavy, round telescoping reach tube resists bending or kinking. Wide 72″ treadwidth is ideal for safe hauling over rough terrain. 72″ heavy-duty tubular tongue is standard equipment.


Model W 200
Weight (Less Tires): 645 lbs.
Capacity: 20,000 lbs.
Hubs: Heavy 6-Bolt
Wheels: 15 x 8.00 or 15 x 10.00 DC
Spindles: 2″ Diameter 1045 Steel
Reach: High Strength
Wheelbase: Adjustable, 8 to 12 Feet
Tongue: 72″Heavy-Duty Tubular Construction
Stakes: 38″ – 42″ Spacing
Tread-width: 72″
Tie Rods: Solid Steel
Wheel Bearings: Tapered Roller
Dust Seals On Spindles & Hubs
Bushings At All Wear Points


TiresPintle Eye Hitch
77″ Telescoping TongueBall Hitch
Extra Long ReachBrakes
Safety ChainsLights
By - Schuette Mfg.

Knowles Combine Header Transport Trailer: Model CH-70

This new and improved transport trailer is designed to move or store all popular combine heads.

Various adjustments can be made to accommodate the user’s equipment.

The heavy tubular frame is mounted on the always reliable KNOWLES running gear.


Overall Length: 29′Above Ground Height:
Overall Width: 81″Upper bar 26-1/2″ – 42″
Tongue Telescope: 17-1/2″Lower bar at axle 22-1/2″
Tongue: Fixed Length 138″, 144″ and 150″Lower bar with offset down 18-1/2″
Length of Upper and Lower Rest Bars 19′ 9″Lower bar with offset up 26-1/2″
Distance Between Bar Rests:
29″- 54″ Adjustable to Any Increment
Capacity: 7000 lbs.
Tires 20.5 x 8-10 Weight: 1130 lbs.
Two Adjustable Header Locating Pads
By - Schuette Mfg.

Knowles Coulter Chisel Plow

This high quality chisel plow is made of solid plate and channel steel. Heavy draw bar is adjustable to various heights. Individual spring mounting of coulters prevents damage when striking rocks and other solid objects. 20″ diameter coulter blades cut up stalks and stubble and improve the work done by the 4″ twisted shovels. 31″ spring cushioned shanks make deep penetration possible. Coulters can be raised above ground when not needed. Dual hydraulic lift system independently sets desired coulter and shank depths. Coulter hubs rotate on tapered roller bearings with triple lip seals.

Models 579-5, 579-7 and 579-9

Model Cutting
Shanks Coulter
579-911′ 8″917

Models 579-5, 579-7 and 579-9

Model Cutting
Shanks Coulter
579-911′ 8″917

Check These Specifications:

Frame:5/8 x 8″ plate and 8″ x 19# channel.
Hitch:5″ channel and 4″ sq. x 1/4″ tubular A-frame construction.
Jack Stand:Adjustable heavy-duty type.
Shanks:2″ x 1-1/4″ edge bent and heat treated.  31″ high clearance type.
Chisels:4″ twisted shovels on 15″ spacing.
Coulters:20″ diameter solid, individually spring-mounted.
Springs: Tempered steel.
Wheels: 579-5 and 579-7: 15 x 8.00 with 11L x 15 8-ply tires.
579-9: 15 x 10 with 12.5L x 15 8-ply tires.
Renewable bushings and grease fittings extend the life of the machine.
**Cutting width of each model can be increased 2-1/2 feet by adding a pair of extensions.
**Bolt-together construction allows for economical shipping when knocked down.
By - Schuette Mfg.

Knowles Series H Spring Tooth Harrows 3-Point Hitch Pull Type

This is an all new high quality, ruggedly designed harrow that will give many years of satisfactory service.  It can be converted from a three-point hydraulic lift type to a trailing or a pull type machine by removing a tee handle pin.  With this arrangement, two different requirements for spring tooth harrows can be met with a single model.

H 6016 ft.18Two – 3 ft.430
H 9019 ft.27Three – 3 ft.625
H 120112 ft.36Three – 4 ft.740
H 160116 ft.48Four – 4 ft.994


Rectangular Tooth Bars – 23″ Spacing
Adjustable Tooth Clamps
Replaceable Runner Shoes
Depth Control Levers
Adjustable Hitch
Heat Treated Teeth


Rugged draw bar and lifting frame do not restrict flexibility of harrow.
Yoke pivots on 1″ diameter bolts.
Teeth are mounted on heavy 1″ x 2″ steel tubing.
Teeth are punched for standard shovels.
By - Schuette Mfg.

Knowles Series SW 720 Wheel Mounted Spring Tooth Harrow

Sections raise hydraulically for easy trash removal and backing up. Sections are easily moved to 90 degrees for transport. Heavy duty tubular frame is reinforced at all stress points. Heavy wear shoes are provided for longer life. Heat treated spring teeth resist wear and breakage. Size of tooth – 1-3/4″ x 5/16″ x 39″. Teeth require 1/2″ mounting bolts. 3/8″ holes provided in teeth for replacement points on 2″ centers. Sections are joined together with 1″ diameter bolts. Jackstand for easier hitching is standard equipment. 15″ wheels with large flotation type tires are standard. A rugged adjustable hitch is provided to fit tractor draw bar. 23″ tooth bar spacing.

The new KNOWLES wheel-mounted harrow is designed for fast and efficient seedbed preparation.

A heavy structural frame and hydraulic lift give fast, convenient transport and easy field operation.  Available in three standard sizes.

7201616′12′ 6″Four – 4 ft.482189#
7202020′12′ 6″Two – 4 ft.Four – 3 ft.602550#
7202525′12′ 6″Six – 4 ft.722762#
By - Schuette Mfg.

Knowles 30′, 34′ and 38′ Wheel Mounted Spring Tooth Harrows

2″ x 2″ Tooth Cross Bars. Size of Tooth-1-3/4″ x 5/16″ x 39″. Heavy Duty Tubular Tongue and Frame. Single Wing Support Tire on Each Wing. Variable Length Tongue insert for Each Width. Dual 12.5L x 15 8-Ply Tires for Added Flotation. Wing Sections are Easily Moved to 90 degrees for Transport. Depth Control Levers. 23″ Tooth Bar Spacing. Center Mounted Jack Stand. Heavy Duty Replaceable Front and Rear Wear Shoes. Heat Treated Teeth with Holes for Replacement Points.


7203030′16′ 8″Seven – 4 ft.884200#
7203434′16′ 8″Four – 3 ft.
Five – 4 ft.
7203838′16′ 8″Nine – 4 ft.1124760#


Lifting Controlled with Two Hydraulic Cylinders for Easy Trash Removal and Transport (Hydraulic Cylinders Not Included-Hydraulic Cylinder Kit Available Upon Request)
By - Schuette Mfg.

Cattle Trailer

All steel construction, 16 ga. steel sides, 2″ treated wood floor
Sliding door & complete back swings open
Complete with lights, fenders, and jack
Adjustable 2″ or 2-5/16″ coupler & safety chains

Single AxleTandem Axle
Inside DimensionsInside Dimensions
Length: 8′ / Width: 5′-8″Length: 10′ / Width: 5′-8″
Height: 68-1/2″Height: 68-1/2″
Axle: One 6,000 lb torsion axleAxle: Two 3,500 lb torsion axles
Brakes: ElectricBrakes: Electric on one axle
Door Opening Width: 37-1/2″Door Opening Width: 37-1/2″
Weight: 1570 lbsWeight: 1865 lbs
Tires: ST225-75-R15 Class D 15″ 2540 lb Cap.Tires: ST205-75-R15 Class C 15″ 1820 lb Cap.
Rims: 15″ x 6″ x 6 on 5-1/2Rims: 15″ x 6″ x 6 on 5-1/2